Sister Emilia-Romagna Sophonsify delivers the Bolognese Catechism


Why lasagna?

Lasagna is nobody’s first choice, but also no one’s last. While never transcendent, it is also never bad.  It is the meridian, the middle path we must all walk in life to attain balance.

It is built as a home, layered and structured. It is the modest split-level for our souls.

I am certain I have tasted of bad lasagna.

Then you’ve tasted a heretic’s lasagna. One who’s fascination and hubris of their own craft superseded the purity of God’s trinity- Sauce. Cheese. Noodle. I’ll bet it had carrot in it, didn’t it? Some people have the devil’s breath humming in their ear, sibilantly insisting carrot is good in lasagna. Shut out the deceiver’s voice and all his putrid talk of root vegetables.

I dunno. Lasagna, really?

Here. Come over here. Taste this. Good, right? There you go. Take a big slice. And I’m going to go ahead and wrap the rest of this up for you to take home. It’s even better the next day.

From Cameron’s post: “On a coworker’s recent fb post, somebody commented that they misread something as saying “lasagna priestess” — I was trying to imaging such a thing, but I bet your take would be much better.”

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