Friend may be the closest descriptor, lacking an etymology for their actual relationship; which is really just two species who have neither the need nor want to eat each other.

Talk is chatty, furtive; as both are inclined to leave off without word.

They talk about finding food and mates. Maximizing conquests and minimizing defeats.

They talk about eggs and how they both enjoy seeing them vibrate excitedly before some new life breaks forth.

They talk about the ubiquitous green algae like a curdled skin over the lake. How it eats up all the sunlight and returns nothing but a simmering, rank august stink.

They talk about mollusks. Mollusks, right? Oh, I know it. Mollusks, heh…

They talk about the alto whine of the wind when dipping through the sky and compare it to the echoing, bass thrum of every movement made when sheathed in such a great pool of water. And how the two would sound good together.

They talk about circles, and how they move in circles, and think in circles, and live in circles and maybe all these concentric circles spiral down into a point, but they’ll be damned if they know what that point is.


From Lois’ post:  A loon and a walleye at night in a lake

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