Poster design

posterHere’s a poster I put together for an ongoing event this summer. It’s the first word in post-human movie-watching experiences!



This is a project I’ve seen various permutations of around the internet and I’ve always really enjoyed the results. My daughter Lulu and I each started a drawing and had the other finish it. Then I colored both of the final sketches in Photoshop. It’s a really satisfying process.


I am a Robot


I am a Fish House


Iconography Number one

I’ve begun a monthly feature on the A.V. Club where I do a comic based around a notable object from pop culture. The first is up now. Read and be amazed by close-enough-to-be-recognizable-in-context depictions of Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood. 

Winter of discontent precedes Spring of discomfort

walk-homeIt was a blessedly warm and spiriting day in Minneapolis today. Staying inside wasn’t even a consideration given the fascist regime of winter, where even a glance outside was met with a crack across the face and a hard admonishment to remain indoors.

But there were still some barriers to enjoying the day to its fullest. Well, for some. The tiny creature on my back, mounted like an Emir in her elephant’s howdah, seemed happily unconcerned.


A horror that visits us all

teenage-teenagerI love this old picture of me, because I think it’s the platonic ideal of a teenager. While the details are era-specific, I think the whole thing communicates the intrinsic state of pubescence since humanity began. I can just imagine some paleolithic kid responding with the same can’t-be-bothered snide look when asked to help cure the mammoth pelt.